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    Free Shipping on Orders Over $150

  • Thousands of Happy Customers

    Thousands of Happy Customers

  • Carefully Designed Furniture

    Carefully Designed Furniture

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    30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Room & Bloom

Who We Are

Room & Bloom is a family business with a passion for 'out of the ordinary' decor and furnishings. We've worked with many factories for our business, on the journey we are sometimes captivated by cool new things.

Room & Bloom is a collection of those things that have caught our eye, made us think, crafted for ourselves and most importantly, could see others loving. We value durability, cost effectiveness, functionality and.... people :)

Have idea for something you'd love for your home? Drop us a line, maybe we can bring it to life!

Customer Reviews

I had been wanting one of these for years when I saw this on sale. Had to order the beans separately but because the opening is so large filling it was easy..... No longer dreading the beans flying all over the place!

Penny S. Scheff USA

The quality on this is incredible especially for the price! Very happy with my purchase! Had an old 4” king size memory foam mattress topper that I ripped up and used to fill it. It’s perfect


This item was better quality than expected. It almost looks like denim but it soft to the touch. The zipper is hidden under a small flap. I bought the insert for it and filled it with beans. My daughter loves it!

Verified Customer USA

6 ft is long ha all good tho

T. Gill USA